20130711-213651.jpgVision of the World:

Between Real and Surreal
A vision of the world through the eyes of Naomi. Europe, Latin America, the U.S.
and Japan alternate each other in visions between real and surreal,
reinterpreting nature and city. A feast of vivid colors and renewed
1.  Time/Space  (and photography pannels are prepared)on the exhibited place is set up.
2.  Who will attend to?
We know gallery owner, also a few invited people but we can’t guess who would really attend to .
Depend on people there at the moment on the exhibition period:
photography viewers,
communication of aritst and participants,
or even among participants,
and probably just passing by, and stopped by.. and see/think/feel by yourselves ?
During the period on exhiibiton, aritst do photo shooting with people, without people.
During /end of the exhibitions , created the images ( simple photograph: snap shot catch the moments, and images created from the shots, or imaginations).
( who would visit?  we don’t know except gallery owners. Artists? art lovers, or just passing to notice the photography? or want to cultual exchanges? want to communicate with people there…or talk to your mind, what is that?  where is that photos taken? ).
3. Durind the period of

1. During  the exhibition : Interactive images depend on time/space(already planed by artist)and people( indeed, participants are almost unknown: some invited but mostly we don’t know who would participate to) make the “space” photograhy are there  Depend on time/space, and people attended to there


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